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  1. Cover by Murphy Anderson.
  2. "Crisis on Earth-Two!" written by Gardner Fox, penciled by Mike Sekowsky and inked by Bernard Sachs.

As Recounted in "Crisis on Earth-One", in the previous issue, there is a second earth -- almost a duplicate of our own -- which coexists with our world in different vibratory Dimensions.

And just as a group of super-heroes has banded together to form the Justice League of America on our Earth, so has a similar team been formed on Earth-Two, the Justice Society of America.

Meeting in the borderland between the two Earths, the Crime Champions -- a sextet of villains from both Earths -- plot to commit a series of robberies and then hide out in perfect safety on each others Earth, where they are unknown.

However, as a precautionary measure, the Flashes of Earth-One and Earth-Two -- the only ones who might identify the villains in their separate Earth-havens -- are quickly imprisoned inside inescapable energy-bubbles in the borderland between the two Earths.

The criminal coup is successfully pulled off despite the attempts of the Justice League of America and Justice Society of America to stop it. in a follow-up battle, the Justice League members become trapped in their Earth-One headquarters, from which they are unable to escape because it is ringed with awesome magical powers. As a last desperate hope, they resort to a seance which materializes the Justice Society members inside the JLA headquarters. With the magical help of Doctor Fate, the Justice League of America is shifted to Earth-Two to resume its battle with its regular foes, while the Justice Society of America remains on Earth-One to pursue the arch-villains from its world.

Now you are ready to proceed with this follow-up story ...

Crisis on Earth-Two!

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