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When all man-made objects on Earth stop working, the Justice League must look to magic to save them! After summoning Merlin, he transports the Justice League to another dimension called Magic-Land where they battle the evil sorcerer Simon Magnus!

After the world's machines stop functioning, the Justice League of America decide to come together to find out what's happening. In another dimension, the wizard Merlin finds his spell to summon rain no longer works. Suddenly, he is attacked by Simon Magus, the evil magician, who reveals that he has reversed the natural order in two worlds so that Earth was now the Magic Land and the Magic Land and the Magic Land was now Earth.

On Earth, the Justice League realizes this and uses magic spells to summon Merlin to their dimension. Merlin then explains everything to them, and the League then splits up to find the three villains and bring back a parchment each of them have that will contain the spell to reverse what has happened.

After obtaining the three parchments, they hurry back to Merlin, who returns Earth and the Magic Land back to their normal selves. He then hides the spell so it won't be used again.

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