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Spying vultures flying in the distance, Jonah Hex heads in that direction to investigate. Jonah Hex comes across the Green Lantern. Startled, the Green Lantern warns the gunfighter off, before collapsing from dehydration. Hex tends to the Green Lantern. Upon recovery, the Green Lantern realizes he has no memory of his identity. Hex and the Green Lantern establish an uneasy friendship. Unbeknownst to the two men, they are being observed. In Desecration, Arizona, a group of ruffians attempt to rape Zatanna. Cinnamon intervenes on Zatanna's behalf. Zatanna conjures up a powerful wind, that sweeps her assailants out into the street.

The effort exhausts Zatanna, who collapses into Cinnamon's arms. Unbeknownst to the two women, they are being observed. A cougar attacks the Scalphunter. The Elongated Man rescues the Scalphunter. The Elongated Man has no memory of his identity. Unbeknownst to the two men, they are being observed. In Tuscon, Arizona, Bat Lash is accused of cheating at cards. Bat Lash beats a hasty retreat from the saloon. The Flash confronts the man who was truly cheating at cards. The Flash turns the crooked gambler over to the sheriff, clearing Bat Lash's good name. The Flash stirs up a dust storm, at super-human speed, to thwart Bat Lash's pursuers. The Flash confronts Bat Lash.

In gratitude, Bat Lash offers to take the Flash to a doctor, to help him regain his memory. Superman goes looking for the Elongated Man, the Flash, the Green Lantern, and Zatanna, all of whom have gone missing. The trail leads Superman to the Grand Canyon, where he is ambushed by a giant robot. Superman destroys the robot, only to discover that it's interior is filled with kryptonite. Superman instantly succumbs to kryptonite radiation poisoning. The Lord Of Time makes his presence known. The Lord Of Time has dispatched the four missing Justice Leaguers into the past to, unwittingly, collect a sphere of anti-matter. The Lord Of Time intends to use the power of the anti-matter in his campaign to conquer the future.

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