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Professor Amos Fortune deals out a hand of Tarot cards, in his latest scheme to destroy the Justice League of America. Two reporters for the Daily Planet, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, attend a carnival in Metropolis. While Lane plays carnival games, Kent is drawn into a tent by the Hermit, the embodiment of corruption and dissimulation. The Hermit exposes Kent's secret identity, as Superman, before striking him down with his staff. The Hermit's lantern rapidly accelerates Superman's age, until he is a feeble old man. Superman hides in the Hermit's tent, when Lane comes around searching for Kent. In Central City, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, jogs with Ralph and Sue Dibny.

With the support of his friends, Allen has slowly come to terms with his wife's murder. Allen spies the Fool, the embodiment of blind mania and extravagance, walking across the lake reservoir. Allen and Dibny close on the Fool, as the Flash, and the Elongated Man. The Flash is confronted by the Magician, the embodiment of skill, diplomacy, pain and loss. The Magician's candle, burning at both ends, overwhelms the Flash with despair and suffering. The Fool's flower overwhelms the Elongated Man with delirium. Despite his altered consciousness, the Elongated Man rescues the Flash from drowning in the reservoir.

Hal Jordan, test pilot for Ferris Aircraft, puts the company's newest jet through it's paces. Jordan flies into a mysterious black cloud, where he is confronted by the High Priestess, embodiment of wisdom and mystery. Jordan is enchanted by the High Priestess, and exits his cockpit trying to reach her. Jordan plunges to his death. Moments before impact, Jordan snaps out of his trance, and saves himself with his power ring. Jordan, as the Green Lantern, keeps the jet from crashing into Ferris Aircraft. The loss of the High Priestess leaves the Green Lantern shaken, and despondent. In Star City, the Black Canary, and the Green Arrow, exit police headquarters, having just dropped off a gang of criminals.

The Green Arrow's overly amorous actions put a strain on his relationship with the Black Canary. The Black Canary, and the Green Arrow, are attacked by the Charioteer, embodiment of rage and unthinking hostility. The Charioteer easily repels the Green Arrow's attack. The Black Canary attacks the Charioteer, only to fall as easily as the Green Arrow. When the Green Arrow comes to her aid, the Black Canary angrily rebuffs him, and storms away. On monitor duty, aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, Zatanna is attacked by the Devil, embodiment of violence, fatality, and darkness.

Zatanna attempts to flee, via the Justice League Transporter, but she is struck down by the Devil's minions, and left blind. The Justice League of America assemble aboard their satellite headquarters. Despite their altered consciousnesses, the Justice League of America rally, tracking down, and confronting, Professor Amos Fortune. Death, the embodiment of corruption, destruction, and mortality, attacks the Justice League of America. By fighting against their psychological weaknesses, the Justice League of America are able to overcome Death, restoring themselves to normal along the way. Professor Amos Fortune escapes into a tarot card. Unfortunately, Professor Amos Fortune draws the High Tower, where he will remain trapped for all eternity.

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