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The Metamorph War

Proteus, Man of a Thousand Faces, has used a device, called an "identi-factor", to alter the appearances and memories of five members of the Justice League of America. Proteus, along with his gang of Justice League of America imposters, plans to heist a diamond shipment, from Dombey and Sons, Jewelers. While Proteus is in the process of transforming the Flash, with the Identi-Factor, the true Justice League of America, still in their altered guises, closes in on Dombey and Sons, Jewelers.

The Flash is, seemingly, disintegrated, by Proteus' Identi-Factor. In reality, the Flash has vibrated his molecule, at super-human speed, into intangibility, and slipped beneath the street. The Flash ambush's Proteus, rendering him unconscious. The Flash turns on his replacement, only to discover that Proteus' Flash actually possesses super-human speed. The Flash is momentarily stunned by his replacement.

"The Justice League of America" reveal their true colors, and begin robbing Dombey and Sons, Jewelers. As they attempt to flee with the diamonds, the "Justice League of America" are confronted by the true Justice League of America. The Elongated Man breaks the "Elongated Man's" arm, revealing that the imposters are using technology to mimic the Justice League of America's powers.

Superman disables "Superman's" jet pack, with his super-cold breath. The Flash apprehends "Aquaman" and "Zatanna". The Flash interrogates Proteus, demanding to know the location of the true Zatanna. Superman apprehends the "Flash". The Flash finds Zatanna, in her altered guise, and coaxes her into remembering who she truly is. Zatanna restores herself, and the rest of the Justice League of America to normal.

The Miracle at 22,300 Miles!

Aboard the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America, the Hawkgirl pines for Thanagar. The Hawkman attempts to comfort the Hawkgirl. In Ivy Town, physicist, Ray Palmer, and his wife, attorney Jean Loring, attend a Hannukkah party. In Gotham City, the Batman, and the Black Canary, apprehend a ring of technology thieves. The Justice League of America's satellite headquarters comes under attack from a rogue satellite. The Hawkgirl barely has time to send out a distress signal, before the transmitter is destroyed. The Hawkman flies out the airlock, to meet the threat.

Unable to maneuver with his wings, in the airless void, the Hawkman is unable to avoid the satellite's laser fire. The Atom, the Batman, and the Black Canary respond to the Hawkgirl's distress signal. Their arrival, however, overloads more systems on the already damaged satellite. The Justice League Transporter is no longer functional. Worse, the life support systems have been hopelessly compromised. The Hawkman destroys the rogue satellite, but the effort renders him unconscious. The Atom, and the Batman, attempt to repair the satellite's damaged systems. The Black Canary retrieves the Hawkman.

The Hawkgirl flies out to her spaceship, to garner replacement parts for the satellite's life support systems. The Atom succumbs to the cold of space. Before collapsing, it seems the Atom did repair the satellite's systems. Heat and air begin pumping through the satellite again. The Hawkgirl returns with the replacement parts. The Atom returns to consciousness, revealing that he was unable to repair the satellite's life support systems. Impossibly, the life support system remained active until Hawkgirl's return. The Atom calls it a miracle, then shares the Hannukkah story with his teammates.

  1. "The Metamorph War" written by Gerry Conway, penciled by Don Heck, inked by Frank McLaughlin and colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by Ben Oda.
  2. "The Miracle at 22,300 Miles!" written by Gerry Conway, penciled by Rich Buckler, inked by Frank McLaughlin and colored by Jerry Serpe and lettered by Ben Oda.
  3. "The DC Feature Page" One page featuring a word search puzzle plus "Ask the Answer Man!"


  • "The Metamorph War"continues from the previous issue.
  • "The Metamorph War" stars Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Elongated Man, Zatanna and Proteus.
  • "The Miracle at 22,300 Miles!" stars Hawkman, Hawkgirl, the Atom, Jean Loring, Black Canary and Batman.
  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batgirl in "A Matter of Good Taste".

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