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Despite their pleas not to, the Red Tornado resigns from the Justice League of America. The Red Tornado takes the Justice League Transporter to New York. There, he resumes his long-forgotten civilian identity, John Smith. Smith collects Traya, a Middle Eastern war orphan, from the orphanage where she resides. Security guards discuss Doctor Destiny, little realizing that it is actually Doctor Destiny's psychiatrist locked in his cell.

Doctor Destiny draws the nightmares from a hapless test subject. Smith, with Traya, looks up an old romantic acquaintance, Kathy Sutton. Sutton is overjoyed to see Smith. To explain his long absence, Smith reveals his identity, as the Red Tornado, to Sutton. Sutton, and Traya, profess their love for Smith. The Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, and Zatanna train together.

Their activity serves as a poor distraction to the Green Lantern, who is terribly bored while serving on monitor duty. Smith takes Sutton, and Traya, to a Halloween parade, in Greenwich Village. The crowd, including Sutton, are attacked by nightmare images. Smith, erroneously, believes he is immune to the attack, because androids do not dream. Smith goes into action, as the Red Tornado.

The Red Tornado is struck down by his own nightmares. Traya's faith in the Red Tornado bolsters his confidence, allowing him to overcome the threat. The Red Tornado spies the machine broadcasting the nightmare images, and destroys it. The Justice League of America respond to the crisis, but the Red Tornado has already resolved the matter. Having achieved a measure of peace within himself, the Red Tornado renounces his resignation, returning to the ranks of the Justice League of America.

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