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Not That Good

'Crisis From Tomorrow', the followup to 'Crisis From Yesterday' has four JLAers and four JSAers traveling to the distant future to save the universe from a cataclysm of the Lord of Time's making.

The trouble is, it's not all that great. The heroes have to overcome a lot of obstacles - but since the powers of all the heroes are just incredibly elastic - whatever problem the writer's need solved, they come up with one of the characters powers to handle it. Superman becomes a star energy javelin, Green Lantern can cure radiation poisoning with his ring, etc. Oh, all of this and The Huntress... The Huntress does absolutely nothing for the second issue in a row - seriously, why is she even part of the team if she's just along for the ride? Not suer Dr. Mid-Nite did anything either.

It's no wonder these kinds of stories eventually necessitated 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' to cut out all the dead wood.


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