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Doctor Destiny plots against the Justice League of America. Clark Kent, news anchorman for WGBS-TV, covers the grand opening of the Gotham Starscraper hotel. On hand for the opening are the president of Galaxy Communications, Morgan Edge, the head of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne, Central City forensics scientist, Barry Allen, and his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West Allen, Ivy University Physicist, Ray Palmer, and his fiance, Jean Loring, Star City Mayoral candidate, Oliver Queen, and his girlfriend, Dinah Drake Lance. Queen, and Lance, arrive arguing over Queen's past behavior.

After a full day, and event filled evening, experiencing all the Gotham Starscraper has to offer, the guests turn in for the night. Doctor Destiny monitors, and influences, the dreams of Allen, Kent, Lance, Palmer, Queen, and Wayne. In his dream, Kent, as Superman, battles against Lex Luthor. Superman defeats and apprehends Luthor. Superman delivers Luthor to Metropolis Police headquarters, where Superman's Pal, Jimmy Oslsen is waiting, to congratulate Superman. Luthor freezes Superman in a block of ice. In the grip of panic, as he slowly suffocates, Superman shatters the ice block with his heat vision.

The exploding shards of ice kill Olsen, and several police officers. Horrified, Kent bolts awakes. In his dream, Wayne, as the Batman, pounces on some crooks. As he descends towards the criminals, the Batman grows wings. Wayne awakens, startled by the dream. In his dream, Palmer, as the Atom shrinks down, only to discover that his costume continues to shrink, strangling him. In his dream, Allen, as the Flash, attempts to apprehend the Trickster. The Flash slips on a banana peel, and his momentum carries him, impossibly, into orbit.

In her dream, Lance, as the Black Canary, pursues a shadowy figure into a crumbling tenement. The moment she uses her Canary Cry, the building collapses on top of her. In his dream, Queen, as the Green Arrow, fires a magnesium flare arrow at a fleeing culprit. The arrow, inexplicably, turns back towards Queen, blinding him. All abruptly awaken from the nightmares deeply unsettled. Departing the Gotham Starscraper in the morning, none desire to return. Doctor Destiny gloats over his imagined triumph. In Central City, Allen hears a police bulletin, regarding a robbery being committed by the Trickster.

Allen responds, as the Flash. In attempting to apprehend the Trickster, events play out just as they did in the Flash's dream. The Flash finds himself skyrocketing through space, unable to change his direction, or speed. In Star City, the Black Canary pursues a mysterious figure, who may have just learned her secret identity. The Black Canary chases the man into a crumbling tenement. As the Black Canary calls out, to the Green Arrow, her Canary Cry is accidentally triggered, bringing the tenement down on her. To shed some light on the situation, the Green Arrow fires his magnesium flare arrow, only to see it turn back towards him, just like in his dream.

In Gotham City, the Batman is out on patrol, when he suddenly grow wings. The Batman revels in his newfound power of flight. Suddenly, the wings vanish, leaving Batman plummeting to his death. In Ivy Town, Palmers shrinks down to run an analysis on some shrunken objects. Just as in his dream, Palmer's Atom costume doesn't stop shrinking when he does, strangling him. In Metropolis, Superman relives his dream, in the waking world. Once more, Luthor freezes Superman, on the steps of the Metropolis police department. Superman refuses to break free, for fear of killing his friend, Olsen, and the other police officers.

The Black Canary uses her Canary Cry to collapse the floor beneath her, to escape the collapse of the crumbling tenement. Though she is safe for the moment, she is still buried alive. The Green Arrow digs the Black Canary out. The Green Arrow used a smoke arrow to protect his eyes from the flash of the magnesium flare arrow. Knowing who their enemy is, the Green Arrow summons the Justice League of America. The Flash uses Jupiter's gravitational pull to slingshot back towards Earth. The Batman, remote controlling the Batmobile, orders it to drive into a lamppost. The collision deploys the Batmobile's airbags, giving the Batman a cushion to fall upon.

Knowing who his enemy is, the Batman summons the Justice League of America. The Atom exposes himself to more white dwarf radiation, equalizing his size, with his costume. The Atom summons the Justice League of America. Superman flies into the sun, to free himself from the ice block. Knowing who his enemy is, Superman summons the Justice League of America. The Justice League of America storm the Gotham Starscraper. The Justice League of America confront Doctor Destiny. Doctor Destiny speaks about his past crimes, and encounters with the Justice League of America.

The destruction of his dream materioptikon robbed Doctor Destiny of his ability to dream. This loss resulted in several horrific physical changes, leaving Doctor Destiny a living skeleton. With the reconstruction of the materioptikon, Doctor Destiny set about getting his revenge on the Justice League of America. Doctor Destiny splits into five giant copies of himself. Doctor Destiny murders the Justice League of America. The Black Canary "wakes" Doctor Destiny up. The Atom had commandeered the materioptikon and fed a dream into Doctor Destiny's mind. The Black Canary beats Doctor Destiny into unconsciousness. The Atom uses the materioptikon, to erase all memories of the Justice League of America's civilian identities from Doctor Destiny.

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