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Alanna Strange records her confession. Alanna Strange had beamed a projection of herself, into the satellite headquarters of the Justice League of America. Alana Strange revealed that her husband, Adam Strange, was being teleported into Earth's future, by the Zeta Beam. Each time Adam Strange returned to Rann, he was in a nearly debilitated state. Finding no way to prevent Adam Strange from being drawn into Earth's future, Alanna Strange had come to the Justice League of America for aid. The Justice League of America traveled to the 73rd century. Taking in the wonder of the future Earth, the Justice League of America spotted a fireball heading for the city.

Before they could reach the fireball, Superman was struck by a beam of emerald energy. Superman prevented the Flash, and Wonder Woman, from taking action against the fireball. The fireball was revealed to be nothing more than an advanced street cleaner. Adam Strange fired his weapon at the fireball, causing it to burst into several miniature fireballs. The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman extinguished the fireballs. In retaliation for their interference, Adam Strange attacked. Believing himself invulnerable to Adam Strange's blaster, Superman didn't even bother to dodge. To his astonishment, Superman was sent hurtling backwards by the blaster's discharge.

The Earth's Green Lantern, of the 73rd century, confronted the Justice League of America. It was the Green Lantern who fired the emerald energy at Superman, revealing the fireball's purpose to the Man of Steel. The Green Lantern revealed that Adam Strange had attacked seemingly deadly threats to the city, which were, in fact, merely maintenance systems, like the fireball. It was only because of Adam Strange's interference that the maintenance systems became actual threats. The Green Lantern had tried to subdue Adam Strange, only to be struck down. Consulting his power ring, the Green Lantern learned that residual zeta particles within Adam Strange's bloodstream were the problem.

The zeta particles had robbed Adam Strange of all reason, while also super-charging his weapon. A skyscraper began flooding the city with water. The Green Lantern explained that the regular soaking neutralized severe ground quakes. Adam Strange used his blaster to convert the water into steam. The Justice League of America, and the Green Lantern, confronted Adam Strange. The Green Lanrtern used his power ring to create a stream of water, which Aquman swam up, to strike Adam Strange. Adam Strange quickly recovered from the attack, and fired on Aquaman. The Green Lantern was the next to fall. A fissure in the Earth opened directly beneath the Batman.

Adam Strange reflected his blaster fire off of Wonder Woman's bracelets, into Superman, felling the Man of Steel. The Batman escaped certain death. Adam Strange trapped the Flash in an energy constructed runway, which sent the Flash hurtling into Wonder Woman. Adam Strange closed on the Batman. The Batman dodged Adam Strange's weapon's fire until the excess Zeta Beam energy was spent. Adam Strange's rationality was restored. With the crisis apparently over, the heroes returned to their respective worlds, and proper era. Alanna Strange finishes her recording, revealing that due to her involving the Justice League of America in the case, she has inadvertently doomed them to a living death.

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