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The Flash, and Superman, round up the last group of plague victims, in Central City. A week prior, all currency in the United States of America became contaminated. The plague gave the inflicted super-human strength, while driving them into a berserker frenzy. While the Justice League of America worked tirelessly to stem the tide of destructive fury, S.T.A.R. Laboratories devised a solution to the tainted currency. All Americans now carry an Ultima-Card, a highly secure credit card connected to a nationwide database. The Flash has his doubts about the solution. Well-founded doubts, it would seem, as the inventor of the Ultima-Card, Professor Dunkirk, clearly has his own agenda.

The Atom, and the Elongated Man, are present at the Ivy Town Zoo when, astonishingly, the animals release themselves from their cages. Surprisingly, the innocent bystanders seem paralyzed, like petrified deer, in the face of the threat. The Elongated Man manages to herd the animals into one large cage, using a fire extinguisher. Believing that there may be more to the event than meets the eye, the Atom summons the Justice League of America. Aquaman encounters a squid trying to crush a bathyscaph. Aquaman telepathically commands the squid to release it's hold on the bathyscaph. The squid reflects Aquaman's telepathic power back at him.

Aquaman telepathically summons a school of electric rays, commanding them to electrify the hull of the bathyscaph. The squid releases the bathyscaph, swimming off into deeper waters. The bathyscaph surfaces. Aquaman is attacked by a, seemingly insane, member of the bathyscaph crew. The Justice League of America assemble at the satellite headquarters. The Atom reports that violence has broken out in zoos across America. Aquaman arrives, quite the worse for wear. The Elongated Man surmises that the animal escapes and the attack on Aquaman are somehow related. Word is received from the Pentagon that soldiers are beginning to behave like beasts.

To make matters worse, a massive swarm of bees is descending on New York City. Aquaman, the Flash, the Hawkman, and Superman head to New York to deal with the swarm. Leading the swarm is the Justice League of America's old nemesis, the Queen Bee. A bee flies into Superman's ear. The sound of it's buzzing is amplified by the Man of Steel's super-hearing, sending him flying wild. Aquaman is struck down by a manikin, propelled by bees, like a torpedo. The Hawkman apprehends the Queen Bee, while the Flash rescues Aquaman. The Queen Bee reveals that she is being controlled by the bees, not the other way around. The Hawkman begins having trouble thinking.

The Queen Bee reveals that the Ultima-Card emits a frequency that is slowly channeling man's intellect into animals. The Flash begins spinning at super-human speed, setting up a counter frequency, that momentarily scatters the swarm. The Flash, though, no longer possesses the mental acumen to control his movements. The Flash stumbles, then falls. The bees swarm over Aquaman, the Flash, and the Hawkman, completely covering them. The Atom, and the Elongated Man, meet with Dunkirk. The Atom, and the Elongated Man, are allowed access to S.T.A.R. Laboratories computer systems, but Dunkirk clearly has sinister plans for the two heroes.

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