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"Balance of Power!" (L. Wein/Dillin/Giordano/G. Wein/Oda) In a new story, a shadowy figure has assembled some of the Justice League members' greatest foes for his own mysterious ends. Tattooed Man has a new look and the Injustice Gang is brought together with their headquarters in a space satellite. Libra is introduced as a JLA villain and his plan is to have the Injustice Gang defeat the individual members of the JLA and have them brought back to the Satellite so that he may steal their powers. The issue ends with Libra being defeated, but the JLA still not having their powers returned.

"Beware! The Black Star Shines" (Weisinger/Smalle/Sherman/Papp) featuring the Seven Soldiers of Victory. A reprint of Leading Comics #2

"Attack of the Star-Bolt Warrior!" (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs/Saladino) A reprint of Justice League of America #32

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