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The League chases the Lord of Time into the future, but when they try to return, they find themselves unable to go anywhere earlier than 2062.

Trapped 100 years in the future by three demons released by the evil Felix Faust, the JLA will have to watch helplessly as Abnegazar, Rath and Ghast launch their one- hour conquest of the earth. Or they would have to, had Green Lantern not come up with an ingenious plan prior to their being captured. Using his power ring, the Flash became Green Arrow (and vice versa), Superman became Aquaman (and vice versa) Wonder Woman became the Martian Manhunter, he became Green Lantern and Batman became Wonder Woman.

Working on the premise that the spells will not work on anyone other than their named victim, the League easily escaped the traps the demons had prepared for them. Splitting into three teams, each hero used his own powers to perform an amazing simulation of the hero he was impersonating. The three demons are overcome without ever being any the wiser.

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