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As his stunned colleagues listen, the Winged Wonder explains that he and his wife Shayera have been summoned back to their home planet of Thanagar, forcing him to resign. No sooner has this announcement been made than the teleportation tube of the satellite reveals a wounded Red Tornado accompanied by Bruce Gordon. In his identity as John Smith, the Tornado has been helping out in Gordon's laboratory. However, his latest experiment blew up in their faces, resulting in not one, but three Eclipsos. Further, Batman deduces that no living thing can come from nothing and that the two extra Eclipsos are drawing on the Earth's energy to sustain their existence. In six hours, their very existence will threaten all life on Earth.

Leaving Gordon and the Red Tornado in the Satellite, the JLA split into three teams in order to battle the three Eclipsos. Each team discovers that Eclipso is as dangerous as ever with his deadly sharp black diamond beams, and eventually lure him back to the JLA Satellite, where they bring the three Eclipsos and his three black diamond together. Suddenly reforming into one being, Eclipso takes the League by surprise and lashes out, knocking the team backwards. Reaching for his reformed black diamond, the two-tone villain destroys himself. Batman had already deduced that to overcome the reformed Eclipso would take three times the normal power of light that it had normally taken. The Dark Knight had therefore coated the black diamonds with special chemicals so that once Eclipso tried to overpower the League, it would send him back into the body of Doctor Gordon.

With the Earth safe, it only remains for Hawkman to say goodbye and go on his way.

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