What if there was a JLI movie in the works? :)

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Make a list of actors and actresses that you feel should portray the current JLI roster in a movie.  

 Matthew McConaughey as Nathaniel Adam/Captain Atom

 Dolph Lundgren as Gavril Ivanovich/Rocket Red

 Eve Torres as Beatriz daCosta/Fire

 January Jones as Karen Starr/Power Girl

 Cole Hauser as Bruce Wayne/Batman

 Monica Bellucci as Princess Diana/Wonder Woman
 Paul Bettany as Skeets (voice)
 Rob Lowe as Maxwell Lord

 Rachel McAdams as Tora Olafsdotter/Ice

 Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Michael Jon Carter/Booster Gold

 Bronson Pelletier as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle

 Batman was the hardest choice. I didn't want to use Christian Bale. LOL.
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Awesome casting, I'd watch it :)
I could see the girl from Inglorious Basterds as Tora

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@Static Shock: OMG. Mark-Paul as Booster Gold. The thought never even crossed my mind until you posted this, but he'd be complete and utter perfection in that role.

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@The Dark Huntress: I know, right. Look at his Saved by the Bell days. Definitely Booster Gold material. 
@Joesoef95: Melanie Laurent? I think she'd be a good choice.
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@Static Shock: Exactly. And on the flip side, he definitely has depth. He's now my number one choice for Booster.

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I'd watch it. You hit the casting spot on. Though I'd like to see Christian Bale as Bats but it's all good.
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My JLI cast would include: 

Director: Edgar Wright, because he did a great job with Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim.
I would use Keith Giffen as a reference, or whatever its called when a writer gives his input but isn't necissarily a writer.
Christian Bale as Batman, he is great as Batman in his own franchise.
So why mess with it.  Plus I didn't feel like recasting.
Brandon Molale as Captain Marvel, he looks like Captain Marvel brought to life
plus I think he is interested in playing him.
Henry Rollins as Guy Gardner. I have mentioned him for the role elsewhere.
He is great at playing big, tough guy, loud mouthed jerks, you love to hate.
Yvonne Strahovski as Black Canary. She looks like Black Canary,
and she can do action like she does in Chuck.
Mr. Miracle was a hard one, still not sure who to cast.
But Ioan Gruffudd voiced him for the JLA cartoon series.
Plus I think he could probably pull it off.
But I would be open to hearing other choices for the role.
Johnn Krasinski as Blue Beetle.
He just seems like he could pull off Ted Kord/Blue Beetle.
James Roday as Booster Gold, maybe. I would like to see that.
I think he would be good. The only problem would be he isn't as tall as Krasinski,
and I would imagine Beetle and Booster would have lots of scenes together. 
Nathan Fillion as Captain Atom, 
Sam Neill as Maxwell Lord, because Kevin Maguire said that he designed Max after Neill. 
Grace Park as Dr. Light

Dennis Haysbert as Martian Manhunter.
Jonn needs to have a powerful voice, Haysbert is a good actor
and can play an action type hero, as well as have a powerful voice.
Lake Bell as Big Barda, someone suggested it once and I thought it was a good match.
Oded Fer as Dr. Fate
Peter Stormare as Rocket Red 7
Mika Kunis as Ice 
Fire ?

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