The Rise and Fall of the JLI

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I must say that i was disappointed that DC chose to cancel the new Justice International title- I think it had real promise. I was especially fond of Godiva as she is a countrywoman of mine (UK). For some time I have become concerned that the superhero experience ( in both Marvel and DC) has become in a sense too "Americanized" and provincial, taking too little account of other countries ( both friendly and nominally hostile such as Hugo Chavez's Venezuela and Vladimir Putin's Russia) and their own historical traditions. I especially liked the part where she says to Batman "Sod off, Bats" and her feelings that she is somehow inadequate compared with her teammates given her comparatively weaker powers of hair manipulation and that she is more comfortable fighting thieves or drug dealers as opposed world threatening menaces like Perrikus(we don't know whether Godiva is a mutant or not- it would have been nice if we could get some new lights shed on her origins). There are other international heroes such as Israel's Seraph who could have been prospective members( but of course the very act of an adding an Israeli to the team would have looked like bias -an impilcation of favouritism vis a vis the Arab-Israeli conflict- if an Arab/Muslim superhero was not added as well). Anybody think as I do?


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Y'know there's a rumour that they're starting a new Justice League International series later this year?

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