my plot on a Justice league INTERNATIONAL movie

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EXCEPT!!!!! captain atom wont be in it..let's replace him with...maybe rocket red,or guy gardner (i guess jenson ackles)


fire and ice are bf's from the start

so are blue beetle and booster gold

sue dibny (is more of a supporting character..rather than a hero) and of course will be close with her husband

maxwell lord has a (fake) relationship with all of the characters like they are his close colleagues

basic plot:a team put together (secretly i guess) by the government as a response to the justice league (maybe a jla contingency plan) and also a team that the government can control (maybe by bribing some of the most,i wont rely on that)

many of the villains would be lesser known powerful villains...maybe even assembled villains

maxwell lord however is the main villain,he is manipulating the events and gathering information on them so he can hire various enemies to kill them....but eventually blue beetle (ted kord) finds out his plan and goes after maxwell lord himself (given that the team already left for a mission,and maxwell sorta observed the team and suspected that beetle was catching on to him),so when beetle arrives maxwell lord holds the gun at beetle (from a distance) and offers him to join him (since blue beetle is the smartest of the justice league internation) beetle of course rejects the offer (maybe he is recording the conversation on a small audio thing in his pocket or something) and Maxwell lord kills him,later they find beetle's body (due to the tracker chip in his suit) and finds the audio and sees that ML is evil and goes after him,and now of course some of the JLI are sad,but booster gold is bloodlusted...the government tells them that they are investigating so the team has to stay out of it,but they go after maxwell anyway (they kinda avoid parole,and they kinda have to since the government only put ted's death as a cold case).....anyway, flash forward to the near end,maxwell has enough information to hire villains that are appropriate to take them down accordingly (like in justice league doom),but he escapes during the fight (heroes cant always have absolute wins),but the villains are basically defeated.later the government is quite pissed that they avoided orders,but pleased that they solved who killed ted kord and brought back escape villains (who maxwell broke out) from prison (and one of their objectives is to hunt down maxwell lord after the movie,but he can probably make a cameo at the most in a second movie,maybe talking with the main villain/s of the next film).

cameos and references:

JLA-maybe there is a scene where you can hear on the tv or radio that the Justice league of america have tooken down the royal flush gang or something

Green lantern corps-guy gardner is there,so maybe he says something about being higher in the ranks fighting alien conquerors rather than being a lackey or something like that

cadmus posters

maybe a lex luthor reference where (i guess) maxwell lords assistant tells him that the meeting with lexcorp has been moved to next month


maybe a scene where the team is first being assembled,guy gardner doesnt want to join,(but due to being the closest green lantern and more easily manipulated lantern because of his anger) maxwell lord uses his mind control and then guy changes his mind and maxwell lords nose bleeds (not alot,just a trail) and he just takes out a napkin to wipe his nose...and maybe blue beetle sees him as a bit suspicious.

amanda waller is involved somehow,possibly by getting mad at them in the end,then congratulating them,or in a scene telling them (after beetles death) that the investigation is in place by thomas hawk (aka king faraday)

and in the credits,you might be able to have maxwell meet up with lex luthor or something

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