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Judgment Day, part 6 of 6. With the death of Ice at the Overmaster’s hand, the Justice League pushes their assault. The remaining Leaguers let loose at the Overmaster, but the giant alien shrugs their attacks off. While most of the Leaguers focus on Overmaster, Blue Beetle peels off to disable the Overmaster’s bomb. Though he finds Overmaster’s bomb guarded by the ship’s pilot, Beetle is able to elude the pilot long enough to disarm the bomb, but not before he draws Overmaster’s attention. Overmaster heads to try to stop Beetle, and triggers the bomb to explode early, but Booster Gold catches his attention. Amazing-Man then absorbs some of Overmaster’s power, and fights the Overmaster one-on-one. Amazing-Man defeats the Overmaster, and Blue Beetle channels the bomb to destroy the Overmaster’s landed ship. The Leaguers get into an escape pod, use a tractor beam to rescue the other members of the League, and escape the explosion. However, with the Overmaster down, his effect that causes all the births and deaths on Earth to stop ends. Booster drops to the ground, dead. Beetle, however, had rigged a life support system in Booster’s new armor. He activates the resuscitator, brings Booster back to life. The Overmaster has been stopped, but not without its price, as the league retrieve the dead body of Ice. 

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