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Judgment Day, part 3 of 6. From Justice League Task Force #13, the Justice League has split down the middle: Captain Atom’s team has taken the fight to the Overmaster, while Wonder Woman’s team abides by the U.N.’s decision to stand by. Booster Gold has lost his arm, but he has not died from the resulting surgery; in fact, since the Overmaster’s arrival, no one has died and no one has been born. Catherine Cobert finds out from Fire that Captain Atom’s League has gone on the offensive, and Maxwell Lord engages the Leaguebusters to reign in Atom’s League. Back at the Justice League Embassy in New York City, the League comes under attack from half of the Overmaster’s Cadre, led by former Leaguer Ice. Fire tries to break Ice from the Overmaster’s control, but is unsuccessful. The resulting fight between the Cadre and the League destroy the Embassy, and the Cadre is pushed back. This assault on their home pushes Wonder Woman on the offensive. Meanwhile, Captain Atom’s team head to Benares, India to rescue their fallen reservists, only to find themselves ambushed by the other half of the Cadre. Atom’s League stands their ground, and the Cadre retreat. As Atom’s League regroups, they are attacked by the Leaguebusters. 

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