razzatazz's Justice League International #5 - The Signal Masters, Part 5 review

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This series might begin to become a source of frustration.  While I am fond of a lot of the individual parts which make up the team (though not all) the team is not coalescing as much as the writers might hope they are.  A major part of the problem is the chemistry among team members.  While the team has one of the best ratios of female characters on it in the history of comics, the female characters and really most of the male ones, are still being displayed pretty much two dimensionally.  Combined with a fairly generic plot over the first few issues and this has not added up to much.  It appeared in previous issues that they might be going some place with Godiva learning how to be a big-league hero, but at the moment that is faltering as well.  While I think the series is on relatively strong ground, it doesn't seem to be making the best of its components.  


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