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A Lackluster Finish

Justice League International is a series that's suppose to be about a superhero team tackling larger than life or end of the world type of scenarios. In a sense it's suppose to be epic, yet it falls quite short of achieving that. 

With the end of the world fast approaching, the members of the JLI are currently trapped within an inferno. Eventually they escape and then must decide how to take on Peraxxus. While reading this you just don't feel the sense of urgency from any of these characters. The world is at stake and you have a female worrying about her hair. I'm not sure if that was suppose to be funny. Humor has been something Dan Jurgens has tried to incorporate and has done so successfully at certain moments. He just needs to pick and choose those moments more carefully and not try to rely off of humor. In excessive amounts it will quickly deteriorate the quality of the story such as it did here. In the beginning, I didn't mind this series but I don't feel the first story arc ended that well. The fight with Peraxxus wasn't anything special. I also wasn't too fond of some of the dialogue. Godiva's dialogue was by far the worst but even a lot of the other characters just had some horrible lines. I could continue to nitpick the series until we land on the question of whether or not this series is even necessary. I think I'll just say this series isn't for everyone.

One thing I've liked about this series each issue has been the art. Aaron Lopresti has impressed me with his work so far. Before reading this series I had never heard of him but he's definitely a name I'll watch for in the future. Matt Ryan inks his pencils nicely and Hi-Fi comes in to color everything perfectly. In spite of the lackluster story, there were some truly remarkable panels throughout the issue. Great art won't be enough to satisfy readers though. 

Unfortunately after this issue, it's very likely I'll be dropping this series. It's not that horrible, but it's not something I need to follow every month. I wouldn't mind waiting for the trades for a series like this. Hopefully things will improve in the future for the series. I like the majority of the characters but better stories need to be provided for them going forward. 

Rating: 2.5/5

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