starkiller809's Justice League International #3 - The Signal Masters, Part 3 review

Justice League International Goes Down!

Justice League International #1 and #2 gave us an interesting story of giant robots landing around the world and a group of newly formed heroes going to check out what is going on.
I think that art looks okay. I use to really like Arron Lopresti but I'm not sure I like him as much drawing this series. The story actually feels like it's been done a lot of times. We get to see the team slip up and they all get over run but rock creatures. They all get taken down. There is a lot of character development here. I can already see relationships forming as well as some conflict that has been present from Issue #1. 
Like I already said. This type of story is done over and over again. The team splits up and they all get taken down by some mysterious rock creatures. I am also suppose to believe that this is a huge threat and I don't. I think the last page of this issue feels like a direct ripoff of a Marvel character that rhymes with Balactius. I also with that some of the characters where a bit more interesting. I'm just not getting hooked on ANY of them.
THE VERDICT: 3.5/5 (Good)
If you know and like some of these characters then you will probably like this series because it has a lot of characters. I just haven't got into them yet. I also think that this story doesn't feel grand or anything at all. So if you like good comic books, maybe come back in a few issue and you will get a good story.


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