ironherc's Justice League International #3 - The Signal Masters, Part 3 review

Why is this the only team book that feels like one?

At first, I thought i was going to drop it and not give it anymore chances....thank god i didn't since this tittle is one of the best of all the new 52 and one of the best team books around. Taking it only 3 issues to get me really into it unlike some other books on Marvel like some of the avenger books which took me a lot of time to really get me into them.

We start with the team splitting into groups of two to investigate the four giant robots that came out. All members get to know each other more as they interact with their partners but their little chit chats are interrupted by their mission as they use one member to distract the robot while the other tries to get under the robot and check where did they come from. Guy leaves as he feels that this might be something bigger and finds the ship of the Tron Thanos. Everything seems to be going well till the teams are taken down one by one thanks to some goblin looking creatures that overrun them and are taken away except August General and Godiva who are still holding them back (mostly August because he is awesome). The issue ends with Batman and Booster being ambushed and Guy defeated by the new big bad who goes by the name of Peraxxus.

The Good:

This tittle is showing a lot of promise and is pushing forward unlike all the other team books right now. Don't get me wrong, I love JLD, JL and Teen Titans right now, but this one since it has all the roster here it already is pushing forward and reminds me of James Robinson's JLA before the reboot which turned into one of my favorite runs on the book. It's a fun book to read even if most of this heroes aren't that well known.

All the characters are likable and enjoyable, even batman seems much brighter as he shows approval on Booster's actions as leader and turns out very similar like how he is portrayed in Batman right now (I'm glad he is much more positive than before. Shows how much he has grown since his return and creating Batman Inc) August General is freaking awesome. While other teams were defeated easily by the little monsters under the robots. He showed that he wasn't going down like the rest and helped Godiva out and is still holding them off right now. He is starting to become one of my favorites on the team.

Oh! also liked how Guy got taken down easily just to show what happens for not being a team player (he kinda would had been much helpful if he would just stick with the plan)

The Bad:

Nothing to point out

Overall: 4.5/5

This is just an enjoyable and brighter book than all the team books on the new 52. Is fun to read and I hope others enjoy it as well as me.

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