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Continues Inconsistent Run 0

After the first issue I was curious. After the second issue I wanted to drop it. After this issue, I'm once again curious to see what's going on. I'm not sure I'll still be collecting after this arc is over, but they did swing me back in.Now that they've split up into smaller teams for this issue, you get a better understanding of the team dynamics. And that's the biggest chunk of what made me curious to see what happens in issue #4. The depictions are still a tad bit stereotypical, but it's not...

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Why is this the only team book that feels like one? 0

At first, I thought i was going to drop it and not give it anymore chances....thank god i didn't since this tittle is one of the best of all the new 52 and one of the best team books around. Taking it only 3 issues to get me really into it unlike some other books on Marvel like some of the avenger books which took me a lot of time to really get me into them.We start with the team splitting into groups of two to investigate the four giant robots that came out. All members get to know each other m...

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Slowly down the hole. 0

One of the better issues this week, but it suffers from a few key problems...The writer keeps harping on Booster telling the team about the area underground. The problem I have with this is that if Booster knows about these areas...areas that were hidden to modern day people then they weren't hidden to the future. If they weren't hidden in the future then Booster should know how this situation roughly turns out.The other problem with this issue is that they are trying to make whatever is happen ...

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Things Keep Improving 0

The Story: The JLI split into four different teams to investigate the caverns underneath the four giant aliens that have appeared.  My Thoughts:Dan Jurgens has managed to surprise me each issue so far. He's made me a fan of a series I thought was sure to be pretty bad. The unique cast of characters is what really has me. Jurgens knows how to handle multiple personalities and create engaging dialogue between characters.  The characterization, in my opinion, is dead on. I like what Jurgens is doin...

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Into Its Comfort Zone 0

Justice League International reaches its third issue, charged with the task of confronting and disabling the four giant Signalmen that have been stationed in Earth. Will the team find a way to combat the looming threat? More importantly, can Dan Jurgens hit his stride with this issue?  Join me, as I begin the review of Justice League International #3.The GoodTo answer the question that has been made in the intro, yes, Jurgens has finally found his sweet spot in this book. The story in this issue...

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Justice League International Goes Down! 0

Justice League International #1 and #2 gave us an interesting story of giant robots landing around the world and a group of newly formed heroes going to check out what is going on.  THE GOOD: I think that art looks okay. I use to really like Arron Lopresti but I'm not sure I like him as much drawing this series. The story actually feels like it's been done a lot of times. We get to see the team slip up and they all get over run but rock creatures. They all get taken down. There is a lot of chara...

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Why is Batman even in this? 0

If I could sum up this comic in one word, it would be: disappointing. I read the first two issues of this title after they were highly recommended by Linkara from Atop the 4th Wall (If you've never Atop the 4th Wall, I highly recommend it for any comic book fan) and enjoyed both of them greatly. There were great hero moments, I really got into the characters, particularly Booster Gold and August General in Iron, and the story seemed very promising. I genuinely thought this book had great potenti...

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This Is Not The Greatest Comic in the World, It's A Tribute 0

The Good: Overall, the cover looks pretty great. I don't like the clashing style of David Finch to Aaron Lopresti, and I don't think the cover is totally fitting, but I can't say its a bad cover in and of itself. Oh yeah, and speaking of Aaron Lopresti, his artwork is still a perfect fit for this series, and some of the most consistently good superhero artwork I've seen. It's not J.H. Williams III, Frazer Irving, or Greg Capullo, but as a standard art style, its heads ad tails above the others o...

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Deal with them all 0

This series seems to be stuck at a certain level of quality.  Nothing much more can be expected here than an entertaining issue, while most of the major points in any comic issue are being hit so that it is not terrible either.  The problem here really is that they are taking too long to get the team together.  By the third issue it would have been good timing to have dealt with the opening problem of Booster not being a good enough leader for this team, but this is a drawn out story arc which s...

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