matkrenz's Justice League International #2 - The Signal Masters, Part 2 review

No Guy, stay away.

Review for Justice League International #2. 
The Story: The team gets their butts handed to them by big robots and go back to D.C. 
The Good: Well Dan is subtely giving connexion between Ice and Guy wich I like and I like the idea of Gavril and  Fang being rivals. The action was big and fun. The art by Lopresti is still big and colorful. 
The Bad: I don't see what Batman and August see in Booster for being a leader, yeah he's smart to run away from a battle they can't win but as fake Max Lord said in the first issue, he should have found a way to keep Guy on here. Also nobody has a personnality that I care about, Godiva wants to sleep with Booster and thats really annoying and im suprised thta nobody is saying that she is portrayed in a sexist manner wich she is, but Fire doesn't do anything, Ice doesn't do much and  Vixen also doesn't do much. I care about nobody and I sure as hell don't care bout big pick axe alien. What I loved about Generation Lost is that Winick made me love each of members of the team but here none of the characters have anything that makes me want to stay and read this series, so I will come back when this series gets a new writer. 
The Verdict: None of the characters have anything personnality traits im interested in, the villain threat seems boring but art is still good. Im not picking this book up anymore.


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