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This issue is week five of the Millennium Story Arch. In this issue there are two stories Soul of the Machine and Back at the Ranch Both stories involve the attack of the Manhunters on Earth. Neither story have many of the regular Justice League International (JLI) rosters.

**Spoiler Warnings**

Soul of the Machine

In Soul of the machine the only JLI member to end up going on the mission to infiltrate the Manhunter planet is Martian Manhunter. If you look at the cover you can see who else is with them. None of them being current JLI members. The planet of the Manhunters is a giant space station made to look like a planet. When the JLI infiltrate the the headquarters and find G'nort inside who had been wondering around the complex lost for quit a while. He had been wondering around in a sewer-like system for robots who do not excrete waste. The JLI ditch G'Nort and easily defeat the planet and it's millions of inhabitants. Literally in what must have only been a few minutes.

Back at the Ranch

Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) and Mr. Miracle are standing out side a captured Manhunter space ship that is stationed outside the Green Lantern's Earth headquarters. When they investigate the ship a Grillian Mind Probe escapes the ship and affixes itself to Janwillim Kroef one of the chosen ones. As it sits on it's face it slowly heats up as it suffocates Jan. Mr. Miracle frantically tries to remove in when Kilowog arrives and simply pushes on off button that releases the probe. The of course embarrasses Mr. Miracle.

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Giffen and DeMatteis are not Gods? 0

No,  Giffen and DeMatteis are not Gods?  This is a disappointment to me because I pretty much believed they were.  But not even the great Giffen and DeMatteis could polish the turd that in known as the Millennium story arch.  Look I think Millennium is the worse giant cross-over I ever read in DC Comic so if you like Millennium you may not agree with me.  First of all only four JLI members are even in the book and only one plays a large roll.  That is not always a bad thing.  There just...

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So close yet so far 0

                This issue was part of the Millennium crossover event which swept through the DC universe in the 80s.   The company was looking to replicate the success of Crisis on Infinite Earths and was coming out with a universe wide crossover every year or so at the time.   Millenium was a decent enough concept.   That a new race of Guardians is being created and the Manhunters want to stop them by any means necessary.   Part of the counterattack by Earth’s heroes involves launching an att...

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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