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With the growing presence of super beings around the world, the United Nations resolves to create a new group called Justice League International. Batman, Booster Gold, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, August General in Iron, Fire, Ice, Vixen and Rocket Red are charged with promoting unity and trust – but can they reach that goal without killing each other first?

Booster Gold gets what he always dreamed. He is made leader of the Justice League International and instantly sent on a mission to find some missing people. As soon as Booster enters the room however Guy leaves. So now Booster is a man short and going on a mission with only just finding out the name (Godiva) of one of his team let alone her powers.

Being a man short Batman takes it upon himself to join the team. They get to the last know quadrants and all hell breaks loose and they are attacked by demonic constructs. That is only the beginning as they get a surprise that ends on a cliffhanger. Also, back at home the Hall of Justice is burned by protesters while they are away on their first mission.

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Justice League International #1 0

This is a solid start to the book and I'm reviewing this as a new reader to the brand. I have read bits and pieces of the series in the past but I wasn't an avid fan nor did I follow Justice League International: Generation Lost. I will say this however. It's my kind of book. I liked the multi-national aspect of the book that it largely capitolises on.   PositiveFrom the very beginning we are introduced to the politcial leaders of Russia, China, and Great Britain as they have a vote. Clearly, it...

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Comedy and Conflict Between Members 0

Justice League International is starting a new along with other titles from DC. While other very little changes, but this titles starts from the beginning. Does it give readers what they want?  THE GOOD: I really liked the art. I knew Arron Lopresti from Wonder Woman and I was excited to see him penciling more DC titles. The story is pretty good. I really liked the characters meeting and I was super excited after looking at the first page (Don't be. Half of the characters don't appear) I liked G...

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.
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