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Review: Generation Lost #15

It turns out that the world has forgotten the existence of Wonder Woman, too - - though that may not actually be the result of Max Lord’s tampering.

The Good

Winick’s awesome. Bennet’s stellar. I’m running out of compliments and superlatives because the level of quality on this (bi-weekly!) book is so high. Refreshingly, I can just sit back and enjoy the show. It’s almost impossible to critique. I’m just thinking about how intense Captain Atom and Booster Gold’s argument was, how Rocket Red’s running comments are such a hoot and how enthralling it is to watch Lord’s scheme spiral into paranoia and anxiety.

The Bad

Maybe it’s just because I’m not as familiar with Fire and Ice, but their portion (with Ice revealing some long-hidden secrets of her identity) didn’t grab me as much as the rest of the issue did.

The Verdict – 4.5/5

Winick’s integration of the current history reset storyline in Wonder Woman is truly inspired. Continuity can sometimes be a hindrance, but this is a case where a shared universe has allowed for an inventive round robin that just piles interesting angles on. This book continues to be on of DC’s best and it’s exciting to notice how it interlocks with Brightest Day, Power Girl and even this week’s Booster Gold.

Posted by longbowhunter

Is it just me or does Capt. Atom resemble Matthew Fox on this cover? Either way, I agree this was a stellar issue. I've been saying since the start this title is one of Brightest Day's best results. I'm anxious to see how this Wonder Woman thing plays out against her recent retcon.

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