matkrenz's Justice League: Generation Lost #9 - Just Stopping By review

Max makes a cameo.

9th issue of Justice League :Generation Lost. 

The Story :We have Booster give a quick recap of the past issue's.Then we go to the Panic Room were Max is pointing a gun to Fire.Fire shoots Max but Max stole Boosters force field to protect himself.Then Max forces Bea on a chair while he is working on something.Then Ice is still saying that she wants out of the plan to stop Max,Cap Atom gets pissed off at her since he wants to stop Max at any cost to stop what he saw in issue 6,Booster is trying to stop them fighting and Beetle says a really funny line.Then we see Gavril resting since he got second degree burns from the events of issue 7 and when Skeets was powering up Gavrils suuit he finds Max checking on the JLI computers and Max sends some sort of virus and Fire to destroy Skeets.Fire attacks Gavril while saying she is being controlled by Max.Booster goes to fight Max,Atom tries to stop Fire wich mimmicks the scene from the 5th issue.When Booster was fighting Max it seems that tried to use his powers on Booster but his Black Lantern sickness is acting up and escapes.We see him posing as a member of Checkmate and enlists Magog to kill Captain Atom. 
The Good :The comedy between Gavril and Skeets was really hilarious.ALso Max Lord is supposed to be the villain but all his appearences fell like cameos but this is the JLI so i cant and while not complain.The art by Fernando Dagino is really.Also when Max was escaping his blood was actually black so that was really fun and i really wonder how Max misiion is going to end since he employed Magog but needs to kill him and everything. 
The Bad :These are nitpicks pure and simple but i really want Jaime to get more lines since he only got 3 lines in the whole issue.Also Ice's whining is getting somewhat annoying,since nothing is really stopping her to leave since in the last issue she was still wearing her Rocket Red uniform.Also it's annoying that each issue we have different artists but again we these are nitpicks. 
The Verdict :This series is still going strong and this issue does moves the storie pretty well.This issue was great and this is a definite buy.


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