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DC's biweekly JUSTICE LEAGUE event continues! Justice League International has re-formed and tracked Maxwell Lord to Checkmate headquarters. Their plan is simple: break into Checkmate – one of the most heavily guarded facilities on the planet – and capture Max so he can pay for his crimes. But Max has more than one trick up his sleeve as he turns the entire world against the JLI and shows Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, Ice, Blue Beetle and Rocket Red what it truly means to be lost...

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Tic Tac Checkmate, King Me. 0

The Good: Rocket Red. Rocket Red And Rocket Red. He's proven himself to be an excellent character. Not only is he the greatest source of comedic relief, he's proven his worth as a fighter, and even a powerful emotional force. He represents some of the best attributes of the entire rest of the team put together. The heavy heart hidden under a complete joke of Booster Gold, the unshakable devotion to his mother country of Captain Atom, the flame of battle and recklessness of Fire, the battle suit ...

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A hidden gem. 0

First a bit of background. This series features characters from the long cancelled Justice League International team. Except it is only the second rate characters. No Batman, no Martian Manhunter, not even a Green Lantern. The other piece of back story you need to know is about Maxwell Lord. Max Lord financed the original Justice League in order to develop his master plan of world domination that led to the OMAC Project storyline.Now after that piece of info I'm sure you would be thinking so wha...

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