matkrenz's Justice League: Generation Lost #13 - Old Soldiers review

Best issue yet.

Issue 13 of Justice League: Generation Lost. 
The Story:We start with David Reid (Magog's secret identity) is listening to his grandfathers story of when he was in 'Nam and tells him a story of when him and his squad were supposed to inspect a village for weapons and didn't do it because his gut told him that it was a trap and there were right 3 other squads went into the village were killed.So the moral of that story is that sometimes orders aren't worth crap.In the present we have Magog attacking Cap Atom in the middle of Chicago.18 minutes earlier we have Beetle and Booster being scared of Magog's lance since Beetle's scarab is screaming because it is emitting very high radiation burst and it is actually hurting Cap Atom and we have a pretty cool fight between Cap Atom and Magog in the middle of Chicago.Then Cap ATom gets pissed off and just starts beating the crap out of Magog and he also remembers what his grandfather told him.And Magog tells him that he remembers who Max is and he is the one that employed him.

Then Max comes and forces Magog to kill himself and he is given his life back by the White Lantern.What the people saw is Cap Atom using Magog's lance to blow up his head.Also the lance blows up and Cap Atom try's to keep the radiation in but is sent in the time stream again and leaves a huge hole in the middle of Chicago.
The Good:The first scene with David and his grandfather was really touching showing he had a good role model that was in the army and from I understand of previous story's with David is that in JSA he was well written and was similar to Steve Rogers and when he became Magog he kinda became a really lame character.Also Joe Bennett's art is really good and I belive he shine's when it come's to big battle's with a lot of explosion's and he is pretty good with muscles.But my favorite scene is in the end with Max and I wont spoil it since I already put it in the "Spoiler Warning" section. 
The Bad:While I did like the art sometime's it just became a little jaring and overblown. 
The Verdict:This for me is my favorite issue os JL: GL and things will only pick up from here.As always Winick does a great job with writing and Joe Benett's art is always welcome but that's just me.This is a buy.
Posted by longbowhunter

Great issue! This one and the issue where Captain Atom accidently goes back in time. Those two are the best. I've been in love with this series thus far.

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