matkrenz's Justice League: Generation Lost #12 - The Cold Truth review

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Issue 12 of Justice League: Generation Lost.

The Story:We start off with a narration talking about different ways off life of gypsies and we learn that Tora was apart of one tribe called "Is Bygd",were she couldn't control her powers unless somebody  calmed her down.At the same timew in the present we see her going nuts with her powers and quickly turning down the temperature to below 30 degree's.Fire tells Rocket Red to get the Metal Men out of there while she calms Tora down.When she touches her Tora gets more mad and goes even more crazy.In the past we see that the clan that Tora was born in are actually thieves and her dad is stealing money to run away.Since he does not want his father to take controll of Tora and use her powers for evil.After an incident involving another little girl Tora's family decide to move away to Germany.At the same time Fire's inner monologue thinks it may be because off Max this is happening and she desperatly wants to save Tora from this.Back in the past we see Tora and her dad in Germany talking when suddenly Tora's grandfather appears with a bunch of hooded individuals.Tora's dad tells her to make it colder that she ever made it before.When she does she freezes the attackers,her grandfather and her dad wich kills him.This memorie snaps her back to normal and we learn that she apparently forgot this memorie.Back in Chicago BB tells Booster and Cap Atom about the situation.Cap Atom decides to to tell the JLA about the O.M.A.Cs but when he leaves the room he gets attacked by Magog. 
The Good:It is interesting that every so issue is given to each member.We had one for Cap Atom,Booster Gold and now Ice and hopefully this will continue with the rest of the team.After reading this issue I am finally warming up to Ice (puns,aren;t they great ?),we see her troubled past as how she had to struggle with her powers.ALso the fight between Fire and Ice was pretty intense and the art by Fernando Dagino is really good but is not my favorite that worked on this series. 
The Bad:The only thing I did not like about this issue is that we did not get a full reason as to why she got this power but I guess it will be explained some later time.

The Verdict:As I wrote Judd Winick is doing something for new readers,wich is giving one issue of the series to each member that shows how there past and how they gained their powers,wich means I am extremely curious for the Rocket Red issue.This issue is a buy.


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