matkrenz's Justice League: Generation Lost #11 - Heavy Metal Poisoning review

Please don't make the princess Magnus.

This is the 11th issue of Generation Lost. 

The Story:

We start in a fantasy world were a bunch of people are fighting giant minotaurs but we learn that this is really a virtaul reality world that professor Ivo (they guy who built Amazo) put them in by order of Max Lord and all of this happened a week ago continuity wise.So Fire,Ice and Rocket Red are fighting the Metal Men but when our non-brainwashed heroes (because the Metal Men are still heroes but brain-washed) decide to escape but Ivo says "Alloy" and th e Metal Men transform what we see on the cover.With Booster,Cap Atom,Blue Beetle and Skeets they are searching another one of Max's robot labs and find find out that the Omacs aren't people but are actually robots,they find out that Max hasn't been here but it is actually Ivo wich means nothing good and we have more on Captain Atom losing more touch with his humanity since he can't really feel how hot it is.Back in China they are still fighting Alloy and when Fire gets punched Ice gets really mad and gets punched by Alloy too and when she gets back up she has transformed in a different form and shows more power. 

The Good:

Well the plots thickens some more since we see that the Omacs might be a bigger part in the story wich I am interested in.Also in the Metal Men VR we have our non-brainwashed heroes as the villains in the VR and Rocket Red looks like Darth Vader and I wished that we might have had more of this.Also I liked that the Captain Atom sub-plot is moving allong in a nice slow pace wich I enjoy and I am entrigued in Tora's new look and will hopefully heavily impact her for the future.As always Aaron Loprestis art is simply spectalur for this series.

The Bad:

Since I know very little about about the Metal Men outside of 52 so I checked out there Comic Vine page and I found out that they have an extra member Copper and I have to wonder why Winnkick didn't inclued him/her,since I don't know the more specific gender (yes they are robots but they do look like humans and they have  the Responsometers so they have human traits).Also while I am interested in Tora more now but it feels a tad bit cliche to me,I don't know why but it just felt like that. Also Gold said in one line that they have to protect there princess wich I really hope it isn't Will Magnus,since that would be very creepy and disturbing.

The Verdict:Now this was not the strongest issue to date but it is still lots of fun with good character moments and some funny moments.And the mystery with Max is getting more and more interesting.This is a buy.

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