matkrenz's Justice League: Generation Lost #10 - The More You See, The Less You Will Know review


This is the 10th issue of Justice League: Generation Lost 
The Story:We start in the near future were Magog and his Justice Brigade are chasing Parasite but all of this is a vision that the White Lantern is giving Max of the future,wich is basically Kingdom Come.While upgrading Magogs lance we see how Max feels about Bats and how easily he has fooled Magog into going on a mission to kill Captain Atom.Back at the embassy we learn that Skeets has taken all of the files from Checkmateand has learned of 4 dormant Checkmate cells that have activeted when Max came back to life so they decide to go there.We also get a secne were Ice finally decides not be whinny anymore and stays on the team to stop Max.In the Batcave we have Dick showing listings of Max Lords around the world to Alfred and Dick says that this feels like somebody is lying to him.Then Power Girl shows up wanting help from when she fought a giant android back in issue 13 (i am not reading her series but i did see the cover with the android on it) but when Dick was about to get some people to see if there being tampered with he simply forgets and goes of talking with Power Girl about stuff that is happening in her series.Then we have Rocket Red,Fire and Ice in China were they are checking out one of Max robot labs but are attacked by the Metal Men. 
The Good:Judd Winick definitely knows his characters and writes them extremely well and he knows how to mix drama with comedy very well.The art by Joe Bennet is extremely detailed.I also liked how Magog's Justice Brigad was filled with the old Charlton heroes but hopefully the Peacemaker isn't Mr.Black from the Blue Beetle series.And finally the scene were Dick just forgot who he was chasing was chilling to see that Max's power is still in effect. 
The Bad:This is a setup issue for whats to come next but it was well written so i didn't mind. 
The Verdict:This is definitely my favorite series out of Brightest Day.With a great combination of great artist every second week and great writting this series is simply awesome from start to finish.This is a buy.


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