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The JLE members decide to learn French to improve their reputation, but little do they know the Injustice League has infiltrated their class.

The terror you never thought we'd never, ever reveal... The JLE goes back to school.

The team is assigned to taking a beginner's French class in hopes that it will make everyone more accepted by the French people. Unfortunately, the Injustice League has also decided to take the class after a botched bank heist due to the language barrier. The action hits when each group discovers that their classmates are the other. And who will protect them all from the wrath of Ms. Kessler?

Catherine Cobert has made the suggestion and Captain Atom ordered that the JLE learn French, and their only option is a night class with Mrs. Kessler. Wally West, Kara, Metamorpho, Buddy and Captain Atom are all waiting for class to start, Ralph and Sue don't have to go because they both speak french already, when five strangers show up.

The strangers are the Injustice League, Major Disaster, Cluemaster, Clock King, Big Sir, and Multi-man. The two groups don't recognize each other because they are all in plain cloths, and Metamorpho is under a coat and trench coat.

During class, Multi-man gets yelled at for crewing gum, and forced to put it on his nose. Captain Atom gets in trouble for talking, he was telling Wally not to talk. But when Major Disaster realizes that their classmates are the JLE he tries passing a note but Mr. Kessler catches him and reads the note in front of everyone.

This caused the JLE to jump into action and the IL to try to run. The police show up just in time to see the two group fighting like school kids and locks them all up. The IL get deported because they hadn't committed any crimes in France and the JLE has to use there diplomatic immunity to get out of jail.

Meanwhile Ralph sees this new heroine the Crimson Fox on Television and thinks she should join the team.

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