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The JLE members must answer for their decisions. Will Sapphire be able to peacefully return home with her father and husband?

Captain Atom is called back to the New York office of the Justice League International for what he believes is to be lectured on his actions as team leader and maybe even removed as leader of the European team.Back in Paris, the newly resurrected and amnesiac Metamorpho discovers he is married when his wife, Sapphire Stagg, shows up at the embassy. Simon Stagg and Java (Sapphire's father and new husband respectively) are none to happy about all this and Java shows up at the embassy ready for a fight.

Captain Atom is flying back to New York City, because he thinks that Maxwell Lord wants to chew him out about what happened in Bialya and how as team leader he almost started a international incident. When he arrives at the embassy he is greeted by J'onn, who tries to explain to him that he is over reacting, but Captain Atom takes it personally and the two leaders start to argue. Max and Oberon have to step in. Max tries to explain that he isn't going to blame Captain Atom for what happened but again Captain Atom takes it personally and forces Max to yell at him and J'onn and kick Atom out of his office. Flying back to Paris Atom reveals that he is still in charge and now has equal command status with J'onn.

Meanwhile in Paris at the J.L.E. Headquarter, Sapphire Stagg is in the kitchen talking to Catherine Cobert who is still reeling from finding out that Sapphire and Metamorpho are married. Catherine leaves Sapphire to find Metamorpho, who is relaxing in the lounge. When he learns that Sapphire is there and has information about who he was, he storms into the kitchen. The two have a mixed conversation. Sapphire is glad that Metamorpho is alive but Metamorpho is angry that Sapphire married Java and that she won't tell him more about their child. Their discussion is cut short by Java who storms into the headquarters and starts attacking Animal man and the Elongated man.

When Captain Atom returns he finds Animal Man and The Elongated Man sitting out side, because they wanted to get out of the way while Metamorpho and Java destroy everything inside, just before Captain Atom can go in and stop it Simon Stagg shows up and tells Atom it is his fault that Java is there but Atom is too angry and nearly explodes causing everyone to stop arguing. He sends everyone to his office to discuss what is going on.

Later that night Captain Atom apologizes to Metamorpho for yelling and show his feelings for the fact that Sapphire sided with her father and went with Java. Metamorpho reveals that he now has most of his memories and is mad at Sapphire but she is her father's daughter. But he is more angry at the Outsiders for not looking for him when they thought he was dead.

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