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Flash, Power Girl, Elongated Man and Sue go to Cannes to promote good will! They meet up with Fire 'n' Ice and a new villain with cinematic powers.

Seven Years Ago in Brooklyn a man get the ability to take on the shape and form of any character he sees on TV or in films, but he can change into someone he is seeing presently and while he does this his real body goes limp.

Now, he hasn't come up with anyway to use his power other then entertaining people as impersonator, but then he get the idea to pose as Flint Eastwood, a famous movie star and go to Cannes Film Festival. There he is arrested for impersonating a celebrity. He tries to get away by changing but the only thing he see is Japanese type movie monster that is over ten stories tall.

This alerts Wally West, Power Girl, Ralph and Sue Dibny, Fire and Ice who are all at Cannes doing P.R. They chase the ten story monster into one theater after another until the shape changer is able to change into a puppy from a G rated kids movie and escape.

Wally, Power Girl, Ralph and Sue fly back to Paris knowing full well that Captain Atom is going to blame them for the destruction, never knowing the Shape Changer is on the Plane with them.

Meanwhile in Russian Bluejay finally makes it to the Justice League Embassy in Russia.

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