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Vera Black is alone against the Brothers Blood...until the rest of Justice League Elite gets its act together! The team's actually looking pretty cool ? until the man they're protecting gets murdered! And from all evidence, it looks like one of the Elite may have done it!

As Sister Superior fights Wolfwood, who has penetrated her disguise, the rest of the Elite try to ensure that no-one dies in Changsha. Kasumi is injured by one of the Blood Brothers, while Manitou Raven engages the other and Coldcast revives the soldiers who have been rendered temporarily unconscious. They are forced to short out all communications when it appears that some explosives are to be detonated in a civilian area. With those back at base - Green Arrow, Dawn and Naif al-Sheikh - in the dark about events, the genuine assassins are rounded up and terrorist target Richard Atwa is taken into custody. Unfortunately, as Sister Superior blacks out for a moment, the president of Changsha is killed. The Elite have already failed to live up to the condition of 'no casualties'.

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