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Attack on The Justice League!!!

Batman is the world's greatest detective and has planned everything out, but not this time. In the movie, the Justice League stops the Royal Flush Gang and some of their enemies are called by Vandal Savage, who helps them defeat their enemies with the help from Batman. I thought the movie was awesome because Batman plans for everything, but is he is ready for his plans to be stolen. I thought the plans for each member of the team was impressive and very smart on how to stop them. I also liked how cyborg show he was a cool hero and it was great to see him in the movie. I love having some of the voice actors from the Justice league TV series to be in the movie was awesome and they did an amazing job too. My favorite scene was when Bane buried Bruce with his parents and when he got free it also reminded me of Jason Todd trying to get out of his grave. Overall I'm giving it a 4/5 because it had some great action scenes, some enemies and plans and great cast. I like it and people will too because they will see how being planned can be dangerous and keeping it a secret is also dangerous too.


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