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Justice League Doom, The Latest DC Animated Universe Instalment 0

Doom shall unleash on the J.L.A.Justice League: Doom finds Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Martian Manhunter under attack by the Legion of Doom. As the contingency plans created by Batman to stop any of the justice league members if they ever went rogue or became mind controlled, have been stolen by the Legion of Doom, it is up to the Justice League to unite to stop the Legion of Doom before it is too late for them as well as the entire world! Based on the story ...

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Why u no longer? :'( 0

I love this movie, a perfect example of why DC beat COMPLETELY Marvel on animation talking (movies/cartoons). I'm going to be brief and simple guys.I don't even know from where to start....The Characters: Oh yeah this has an amazing portrayal of characters, everybody is just like they should be: Superman is inspirational, Wonder Woman a never-give-up warrior, Hal is a jerk, Flash is cool and Batman.... oh he's that semi-paranoiac, stubborn, strong will guy (and Alfred being a boss with Bruce was...

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Justice leage doom? 0

The movie did a good job. Batmans was the most realistic of them all which was awesome. They made it to were Cyborg saved almost everyone and that was weird. His voice actor also sounded young, which is fine, but they made him look older. But all in all really cool movie!...

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Good but not great 0

Just watched this a a couple days ago. I really liked the idea for the show but the execution wasn't the best. I would have really liked to see it run a bit longer and the art which looks like it was right out of the CN show Young Justice was all right; but not quite in line with the incredible work that has been done by DC Studios in the past. I have to say that this is one of the voice acting jobs I've heard from a group on something like this. I would really love to see Nathan Fillon reprise ...

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Justice League : Doom 0

Just viewed this and I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable! Perhaps less action than I expected but the story more than made up for this. The story was well written and packed with effective suspense and great characterization, all the things I love about DC's line. The few fights that are in this film are fantastic, particularly the final fight between Cheetah and Wonder Woman. Brutal stuff! One small quibble is the relatively short length, but any longer and it would have felt "padded". Th...

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Welcome.. To Doom! 0

In Justice League: Doom we get a familiar superhero team vs. super villain team story, with a darker twist. When hired by the immortal Vandal Savage, some of the fiercest foes that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and Martian Manhunter face, unleash a plan that shakes each of the respective Justice League member to their very cores.Every superhero has a flaw, or a weakness, and when Savage’s newly-formed ‘Legion of Doom’ comes into detailed intel on how the League members are...

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A Justice League: Doom: Review 0

Justice League: Doom is about the 50,000 year old man, Vandal Savage and his plan to wipe out a large part of the human race and put in his own social order. But how to do that with the Justice League in the way?Unlike the "Tower of Babel" graphic novel from which the film is based, the film concentrates more on the fighting between the JLA and their opposite numbers rather than the brooding Batman, though the Bats is prominent in most of the film.Some shockers that entertain: Bruce Wayne's pare...

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DC + Animation = Hooray!! 0

I really enjoy these DC animated films. They manage to capture a great story in a short time. This one includes a lot of my favorite heroes, and features Vandal Savage as the villain.Pros: The voice-acting was really good, and it fit each character well. Additionally, all of the characters were themselves, or at least as I've come to know them. I loved the story; it's well thought-out, and manages to give Batman the spotlight, which is a big plus for me. Also, it's very family friendly, even mor...

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Attack on The Justice League!!! 0

Batman is the world's greatest detective and has planned everything out, but not this time. In the movie, the Justice League stops the Royal Flush Gang and some of their enemies are called by Vandal Savage, who helps them defeat their enemies with the help from Batman. I thought the movie was awesome because Batman plans for everything, but is he is ready for his plans to be stolen. I thought the plans for each member of the team was impressive and very smart on how to stop them. I also liked ho...

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Contingency Plans Gone Wrong 0

I have been a Justice League fan for some time now and have also been loving the DC Universe Animated movies and was wanting to watch this one for ages (due to it not being out in the UK had to get a US import which took a while). Although I have never read JLA: Tower of Babel I was still able to enjoy this film and might now consider buying this book.PlotThe Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter) along with Cyborg have discovered that Royal Flus...

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4 Stars.... Of Doom!!! 0

A pretty decent movie, not quite as good as Under the Red Hood, but still a fairly fun little flick, however there is one HUGE plot-hole (Warning Spoilers Ahead); Why would Metallo have agreed to go along with Vandal Savage's plan, which in his own words would've made any piece of technology more advanced then a steam shovel utterly useless and without power when he himself is a pretty advanced piece of technology? I don't know that's just one part of the movie that's always bugged me, but still...

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