Justice league dark... Yes or No???

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What do you guys think of the book so far? The first issue for me did a great job setting up the characters, it went smoothly. The second issue was just a filler which kinda made me upset, the filler was enjoyable but the story didn't progress. The 3rd issue, people were just greeting each other, the plot didn't advanced much. If the 4th issue doesn't advanced much, i'm just gonna drop the book.

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I really want a Zatanna series again... v_v

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I thought she's better in a team book than in a solo series

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I only read the first one lmao, I'm going to read the second one in a bit...

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@moywar700 said:

I thought she's better in a team book than in a solo series

She's really the only member of the team I care about, I'm normally not that into comics involving magic but I've always liked Zatanna and would rather have her on the main Justice League and with her own solo book.

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The 4th issue is gonna come out soon on wendsday, so off to it then

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@moywar700: Yeah, I know. Was just catching up with I, Vampire too.

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I like it so far.

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It's good but its sooooo slooooowww!

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It's great, I love Zatanna, Constantine, and Deadman. It's my favorite Justice League title currently.

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I really enjoyed JLD, especially cause I'm a Constantine fan, but found this version of him to be, a bit watered down so to speak. Despite that I did find it enjoyable, however when it came down to cutting it or Hellblazer (also due to some budget issues), I had to keep the good old Hellblazer. I guess I still find the old Vertigo John better than the new one. Even though I cut JLD, i would recommend it to someone interested in the paranormal aspects of the DCnU.

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Meh, I am NOT impressed by this book.

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Alot of people keep saying this book progresses really slow. This is actually a positive because the book is lying down its groundwork.

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I like the series a lot. 
People don't seem to like that it's progressing slow. I for one enjoy that it's choosing to focus on the characters rather than some big event. Sure there is a big event in the series what with Enchantress going all koo-koo for coco puffs, but rather than showing how the event is dealt with, it's choosing to focus on how the characters deal with the event. I like that. I mean it's not like it's not going anywhere. It's all building up to something. 
I understand why people wouldn't like it. Sure it's slow, but come on at least it's interesting to read and the characters are awesome.

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it didn't grab my attention enough...I've never been really all that interested in any of the characters appearing in it though...so it may not have been for me but other people may like it

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H*** yes

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I'm considering picking it up, seems cool. I like John, Deadman, and Zatanna, so this will be great! :D

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This is the best there is as of now for me. It's everything I've wanted for magic characters. And it's all in one. <3 Love it

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This is one of best of the New 52 for me and I love Zatanna, Constantine and Shade but the rest I grew to love!

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@MrUnknown said:

It's good but its sooooo slooooowww!

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Hell Yes ! One of the best magic type comic book tittle ever. First story about The Enchantress is a bit confusing and didn't made any sense, a second story with the Vampire (in which they create a crossover with IVampire) is a bit more promising. But above all these things, how they combine several second string figures (in my humble opinion) into one chessy group is quite remakable. Beside the way Mikel Janin arts transform Xanadu to one of the hottest woman (again my opinion) in comics world is one thing that make this comic book worth to read.

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