Justice league Dark: Preview

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hm...i don't know how i feel about the dialogue,something about "filthy flying teeth" just rubs me the wrong way

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@The Stegman said:
hm...i don't know how i feel about the dialogue,something about "filthy flying teeth" just rubs me the wrong way
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I thought that art might be horrible since the cover artist and regular artist weren't the same. Been most excited for this series out of the 52 and even new info makes it more promising!

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hmmm I'm not sure about the art.

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It looks good, the art looks okay, I'm just concern on the characters

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I like the art

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looks promising.

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@super_psycho: lol i know, there's quite a bit of alliteration  in this, where's Robin when you need him?? 
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This is the only DC title I'm picking up next week so I hope it's good

They kinda look like they are floating in the bottom panel that's my only complaint

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My only concern with this one is the general absence so far of the actual team characters... that usually isn't a problem IMO, but in the recent Secret Seven (which seemed to me to be a precursor in many ways) that made the pacing rather difficult... granted that was a mini-series, but I would really like to see this hit the ground running and have this team get itself established. It has really fantastic potential, I hope it manages to utilize the first issue to hook to an advantage. Thusfar I think the art is pretty stellar.

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I loved the art


I think they all show up by the 7th issue or something Zatana's in number 1 (talking to batman) but Jhon Constatine dosen't pop up until number 4 and there haven't bee any mention of Shade or Klarion in any of the solicits so just hold on it will take a while but they'll be there eventually

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Well, I'd rather they take their time and get it right than rush through the motions in the end, I'm just pretty excited to get this one rolling. Checking the solicits it looks like most of them may be in pretty early:

1: The witch known as The Enchantress has gone mad, unleashing forces that not even the combined powers of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg can stop. And if those heroes can't handle the job, who will stand against this mystical madness?

Shade the Changing Man, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna and John Constantine may be our only hope – but how can we put our trust in beings whose very presence makes ordinary people break out in a cold sweat?

2: Madame Xanadu continues guiding the world's darkest heroes in their struggle against evil. But will John Constantine, Zatanna, Shade the Changing Man and the others be able to join forces in time to defeat the dangerous Enchantress before she destroys the world as we know it?

3: What is Madame Xanadu's plan? And why is she urging Shade the Changing Man to recruit a killer? One by one, our anti-hero misfits are drawn inexplicably to each other... While John Constantine aids Zatanna in escaping a town destroyed by magic, June Moon seeks help from Deadman. But in the end, will any of it be enough to escape the dark clutches of the insane and powerful Enchantress?

4: Madame Xanadu's plan is working! Zatanna, John Constantine, Shade the Changing Man, Mindwarp and Deadman are all being brought together. But will Xanadu's manipulations blow up in her face when she learns that Enchantress has grown too powerful to be controlled?

Sounds like Xanadu is front and center, which is just about the greatest thing I could ask for in this case. She seems to be making the rounds as well, hitting up a couple other titles. Her prominence alone is going to carry me on this title for at least a year.

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I must have it/ When does it come out.

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Gah! I want to read this now!!!!!!!!!!!

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