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Ever since they "offed" Shade The Changing Man in issue #8 I haven't found a reason to read JLD anymore. However If they were to bring someone new into the team that I like again I would consider it. Maybe they will have the new Blue Devil (if hes any good) join. Or if they re-introduce Manitou Raven or even Kid Devil. What are your thoughts people? What mystical character would you like to see join JLD?

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@FrankenKong: Dude, the 4 issues since issue 8 are amazing. They added Black Orchid, who is a great character, and Dr. Mist, and they're going to add more in the near future.

As for what mystical character I want to see, maybe Vixen, with her (presumable) ties to the red, and Swamp Thing. For one arc.

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Blue Devil

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I've never read the JLD, is it any good? It seemed like a cheap knock-off of the popular Justice League, just so DC could get more money. Was I wrong in that assumption?

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Kid Eternity

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Raven by Sejic
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Definitely Raven. You'd think that's where she'd be by now.

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The JLD doesn't have any muscle. They need a muscle character in the book. At least for the upcoming Trinity war.

My top picks in no particular order would be

1) Frankenstein --- already had JLD crossovers I think. Also, to get new readers from one book to the other.

2) Killer Croc --- with a new origin about his "skin condition" being magic related, (which makes more sense) He's on the team to find a cure/the person who did it to him. Do for him what Scott Snyder did for Mr. Freeze.

3) Etrigan --- would be good seeing as he is very Magic related and Madame Xanadu is on the team, where she was his past lover. I'd like to see how their relationship has changed since the mid-evil ages.

4) Icon --- give him a new origin with his powers being magic related. (I don't know much of the character and I'm not a fan of him from what I have seen.) Have him be the superman of the JLD, gives them a chance in the trinity war.

5) Blue Devil --- I would rather he have his own book with Black Lightning, but as long as he is in the new 52 I'm happy


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@minigunman123 said:

I've never read the JLD, is it any good? It seemed like a cheap knock-off of the popular Justice League, just so DC could get more money. Was I wrong in that assumption?

Issues 1-8 were extremely "meh" to me, but ever since Jeff Lemire took over (issue 9), the book has been awesome

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@Chaos Prime: Oh Hell yes! I swear If Kid Eternity and/or Looker joined the team I would be the first in line once again!

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@BlueArrow: For the love of god take Etrigan out of his book and put him into one thats much more readable.

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Etrigan is always a good choice for a team book. Raven would be good too.

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