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With the New 52, the majority of my reading from it is from the "Dark" family. Justice League Dark, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing (Batman is my other series and I dropped Detective last week). After catching up with JLD tonight I was thinking that if the Animal Man/ Swamp Thing crossover that is quickly approaching goes off without a hitch, which it should given the creative teams, that there should be a crossover between all of the Dark titles. I know that crossovers between more than 2 or 3 books upset a lot of people because they must buy everything to get a complete story but seeing as it looks as if the majority of the dark books are cohesive it seems that it could work. Just a thought of mine. A man can wish can't he?

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I'm reading four of the seven "Dark" titles already(Animal Man, Swamp Thing, JLD, and Frankenstein). I'm thinking about picking up I, Vampire after reading the issue #5 review so I wouldn't mind a larger crossover within the "Dark" titles. I'm really looking forward to the Animal Man/Swamp Thing crossover.

It would be cool to see the Demon Etrigan meet up with the JLD too.

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Etrigan was shown in one of the JLD issues so it is a possibility and there is gonna be a JLD?I, Vampire crossover soon.

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Well seeing as how I Vampire and Justice League Dark are going to have a crossover soon, I can guess that you're right.

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Etrigan was also shown in this week's I, Vampire. Methinks something bigger this way brews.

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@The Mighty Monarch said:

Etrigan was also shown in this week's I, Vampire. Methinks something bigger this way brews.

I Picked it up yesterday but have not read it yet. Going to finish my stack today. Thanks for the heads up.

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