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From issue 1 to 8 I had a terrible time trying to like the characters and the way the work around the plot. my main reason to get the series was Zatana, Deadman, Xanadu(because of the Demon knights) and of course Dove.

But the new roster is great works great and I love how he introduced every character like they were new for the new readers to join on this book is like this should have been the #1 on this series but what can we do? bottom line as long as Lemire is writing this book I will keep getting it. he really knows how to keep the attention of the reader plus hint hint wink wink they mention the black room which happens to be part of the Trinity war. the artist on this book is Mikel Janin I think is my first time getting a book by him but he really worked well representing what Lemire was describing along the book the panels are almost like swampthing or batwoman and I really like them really organic and they flow well with the movement and the action on the book

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