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John Constantine: Hero for Hire 0

All I can say is "wow, wow, wow, mega wow." I loved this issue and I'm glad I decided to jump back on this series just as Lemire is taking over on writing duties. Now, don't get me wrong, Millegan's stuff was really good. I read the first two issues of the series and thought they were excellent. However, when I got them, it was already like 7 months into the New 52 and I didn't want to have to play catch-up, so I decided to wait for a jumping on point. As I'm not reading I, Vampire, I sat out th...

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Finally! The Darker Justice League I was looking for! 0

To be honest, for a while I was planning to drop Justice League Dark. It wasn’t because it was bad or anything like that but the book started so well it just ended up been average for the first 5 issues. Even then these characters were all over each other and didn’t felt like a team at all. But thanks to the crossover “Rise of the Vampires” the book got better. Now with Jeff Lemire taking over the book, he finally turns this title what I wanted to see for a while. A Justice League book made out ...

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John Constantine Presents: Justice League Rock 0

Ryan Sook rocks a cover that isn't exactly super compelling, but considering this is a big new jumping on point, it definitely has a bit of a 'First Issue' kind of vibe that makes is succeed.Mikel Janin has definitely smoothed his art out a bit, the action feels more kinetic, the panel layouts are still experimental but in a more well thought out manner, and the characters look fantastic (mostly). I LOVE the way Black Orchid's shapeshifting looks, it's so ridiculously epic every time she lets a ...

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Jumping On 0

THE GOOD: The art in is amazing in this issue. Mikel Janin is new to me but he is an amazing artist and I like his style. It's very clean but there is a lot of emotion in the panels. I like his backgrounds. They are filled with details and I really like the character designs for a few characters. The story is cool and easy for new readers. I read the first few issues, but dropped it. I really like how it starts in the action and then goes back to the past. I think that it was a clever way to sho...

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The Dark Thrives 0

Justice League Dark epitomizes everything I love about comics.The strength of the book is its ability to transition from Milligan's opening run. This is how transitions are done right, embracing what has come before while forging a new path. This is particularly evident in Lemire's depiction of the team dynamic, evolving the group into a functioning assembly without losing the tension and mistrust generated in the earlier arcs. The development of the concept of the "Unholy Trinity" is a particul...

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"Well, here we are then. The new band..." 0

Synopsis: Constantine leads a new group of supernaturals.With the departure of Peter Milligan and going by just the cover of issue #9, I didn't know what to expect. So far, this series has presented a crazed Enchantress, and a crossover with vampires, but now under the writing of Jeff Lemire, issue #9 starts to dive in deeper with the secrets of magic.It's great to see that John Constantine is the leading man in this issue as he both narrates and for the most part the leader of the new Justice L...

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Believe What Everyone is Saying 0

I'll admit I was skeptical when it came to Jeff Lemire replacing Peter Milligan on the title. Especially since it felt like Peter had no idea he was being replaced till the last minute. I remember reading in an interview that Peter had planned an arc in which the Justice League Dark had to find and rescue Mindwarp after the crossover with I Vampire. Now it seems like we'll never get that story.    Although Jeff Lemire has won me over and his run seems to be gearing up towards really big things...

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I love you DC but why? 0

I like the concept of a Supernatural Justice League, hope it just had a better name. (The Sentinels of Magic or Shadowpact from back then)The starting issues really didn't give anything to the name but this issue finally brought the name thing into light. I like how the name came to be. Makes sense given that they don't want to be a team in the first place. Now my only issue with this is that it somehow reminded me of the Avengers. Hear me out...The ARGUS agents reminded me a lot of Hawkeye and ...

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Flawless 0

From issue 1 to 8 I had a terrible time trying to like the characters and the way the work around the plot. my main reason to get the series was Zatana, Deadman, Xanadu(because of the Demon knights) and of course Dove.But the new roster is great works great and I love how he introduced every character like they were new for the new readers to join on this book is like this should have been the #1 on this series but what can we do? bottom line as long as Lemire is writing this book I will keep ge...

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So happy I got this! 0

I love the dark part of DC my favourite book Swamp thing so I got it because it’s the Dark family team book. I like Constantine and Deadman I’ve not read a lot with them in but what I read I liked and they are some of my favourite DC characters so I wanted to see them in a book together and also I like Jeff Lemire I’ve only read one issue of his Animal-man but I liked it so I wanted to read more of his stuff.PlotSteve Trevor meets with Constantine and asks him to go on a mission in return for le...

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Putting the Band Back Together 0

Although I've always wanted to try a series with John Constantine in it I was skeptical about this series, as I wasn't really familiar with any of the other characters, and heard bad things, and although I've heard that it's been good since this issue due to Jeff Lemire becoming writer I still didn't want to try it. After being told how good it was from a friend, and noticing how Lemire changed the Green Arrow series into something brilliant, added the fact that the new Constantine series is out...

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