duo_forbidden's Justice League Dark #8 - Rise of the Vampires, Part 3: The Leaving review

See Ya Peter Milligan.

Synopsis: Cain continues to wreck havoc in Gotham City. How can the JLD and the I, Vampire crew survive?

I have to say, "The Leaving" is an appropriate title for this issue, as Peter Milligan departs for Stormwatch, possibly taking a character from this series with him. Milligan's run with the Justice League: Dark had its ups and downs, and with this crossover with I, Vampire, the results are somewhat mixed.

On one hand, this issue does feels like a crossover between Dark and Vampire, as the two groups join forces attempting to stop Cain. The effort is there with both sides not faring well against the powerful Cain as he siphons the magic in the world. But what makes this issue so random, is the departure of Shade. It just happens in a bizarre way during the crisis. There really wasn't a good time to explore this character fully in this series, but the attempt was there. What also feels random is Madame Xanadu's actions in this issue. To be fair, I don't know a lot about Xanadu or all her powers, but her actions left me scratching my head. Her actions however, brings an unexpected surprise near at the end of the issue.

Daniel Sampere and Admira Wijaya is just as great as Mikel Janin when it comes to the artwork. While not a whole lot happens in this issue, both magic and that dark presence still exist. Characters look great as well.


When it comes down to it, What this crossover accomplished was that it feels like the New 52 is breaking it's barriers for series to expand to other titles. Again, I wouldn't mind seeing a crossover between Demon Knights and Justice League: Dark in the future.

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Posted by That60sGuy

Totally agree about Shade's sudden disappearance. For people who haven't read past issues (lime me) it just didn't make sense. I suppose that's to be expected when you pick up in the middle of a story arc! Xanadu also seemed weird doing what she was while the others were fighting but at least that was explained later. Overall I thought the art was some of the best I've seen in New 52.

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