duo_forbidden's Justice League Dark #7 - Red Blood, Dark Magic; Part 1 of Rise of the Vampires review

Great. Vampires.

Synopsis: The Justice League: Dark take on vampires.

I cautiously approached this crossover, due to not following I Vampire and growing a bit tired of vampires, due to the number of different take on them (Twilight, Vampire Academy). Nevertheless, The Justice League: Dark are taking on the supernatural, and considering that I Vampire is different, what came to a surprise to me is the take of vampires under Joshua Fialkov. The idea that this "Cain" can absorb magic makes him a threat even more than Enchantress did. And the vampire outbreak is taking place in Gotham City (of all places). I did expect to see the Batman family.

I've been keeping up with The Justice League, and their teamwork is mutual at best. I'm starting to accept that The JLD is not a team group. They just want to be done with one threat and live the rest of their complicated lives in peace. This is proven by the strong characterization each character is told by Peter Milligan. John Constatine makes it clear that he does not want to be a part of Xanadu's group, nor want to fight vampires. His sarcastic remarks are the few things that keeps this story from being too serious. Meanwhile, Shade can't wrap his mind that vampires exist when he himself has a magical vest that can alter reality to a degree. And yet, there's Madame Xanadu who appears to have so many secrets. It's no wonder why the group hates working with her.

I forgot that Mikel Janin was leaving in the previous issue, but both Admira Wijaya and Daniel Sampere still retain the quality of what Janin brought in the previous issues. It's quite beautiful, with each pages almost look like a painting. Both Wijaya and Sampere still give this series an dark atmosphere, and even adding to that are the vampires. Guess characters from I Vampire and the Batman family looks great.


This crossover may have not been a bad idea. I know DC has been trying to avoid crossovers in the New 52, but Justice League: Dark and I Vampire is not bad at all.


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