legendary_starhero's Justice League Dark #27 - Forever Evil: Blight - Redemption review

Forever Evil Blight:Part 10-The Redemption

With the fight with Blight still going will the JLD be able to stop it or will they be destroy in the process and what is Project Thaumaton ....

The Good:

We are back to the JLD main book and you know what that means the creative team of DeMatteis and Janin are back and it's always the best from where I can see.The art and the writing is at it's best right now with the suspereb writing of DeMatteis and the art team of Janin,Cox,Ortega, and Cifuentes just firing in all cylinders in this issue .The art of Janin is great with the different characters like Swamp Thing and Blight .

Now the plot itself is pretty good and you can say where one story ends another is there to take it's place.I enjoy the plot and the character work that is present to us the readers. The plot deals with the fight with Blight and what happens after that and there has been a spiritual aspect of the story in which I had to reread the whole crossover to get.The ending as I said before is one that ends and one that begins is all I have to say here.

The Bad:

There is none here.


This was a great issue and one that I can see great reading the second time over.From writing to the art it has been wonderful and if you are reading the crossover you know where this is going.The next part will be in TRINITY OF SIN: THE PHANTOM STRANGER #16 hope everyone has a great night see you next week : )

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Posted by Legendary_StarHero

@jake_fury here is my review if you want to check it out.

Posted by Guerraa

This whole Blight storyline has been boring me to death. I'm only reading it since it's part of the Forever Evil event, but this has felt like a waste of time in my opinion. Every freaking issue feels like the same story rehashed over and over. All other tie-ins have been good (Arkham War, Rogues Rebellion, ARGUS, etc), but this Blight stuff has bored me to death. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't go higher than 3 stars on any of these.

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