shadowswordmaster's Justice League Dark #24 - Forever Evil: Blight - Tiny Evils review

Forever Evil Blight:Part 1-Tiny Evils

After the events of Trinity War we see that just like the Justice League and the Justice League of America, that Justice League Dark also lost most of it's members but one and that is John Constantine .

The Good:

One of the reason that this book is good is the art. Mikel Janin's art on this book is wonderful and with Jeromy Cox on colors makes this book just a good looking book .Janin's doing some great work with the double spread page of Constantine and the mini's Constantines is just beautiful and well done. Jeromy doing some great coloring work with each panel including the last panel which is just jaw dropping.

This is DeMatteis first issue on Justice League Dark but this is not his first dealing with DC's magical characters. I enjoy his work on Phantom Stranger and this is just as good.I enjoy what DeMatteis did with Constantine and the House of Mystery is pretty good and makes me wonder what else is going to happen in this on going story.

The Bad:

This issue is good but it's not perfect there are somethings that I didn't really enjoy .One of them is the Trinity War recap page which it was really out of place and not really need because at this point we should know what happen with the Justice Leagues at this point.Then another point is the character of Nightmare Nurse and her connection with Constantine seems strange and I don't know how I feel about it at this point with the character herself .


I think this was a good issue and a nice start with the story with the Justice League Dark even thought there are a few things that I didn't like about it.Overall I recommend picking this up.

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster
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@shadowswordmaster: no problem, nice review and are you going to follow the entire blight storyline?

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster
Posted by TheFirstLantern

@shadowswordmaster: Cool, iLL check your reviews out and decide if i want to get the issue.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster
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Posted by Samimista

@shadowswordmaster: There we go! =D I sees this now! Very nice review! Dunno why it didn't pop up in notification but very nice! You still RPing as cyborg? =O

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@shadowswordmaster: There we go! =D I sees this now! Very nice review! Dunno why it didn't pop up in notification but very nice! You still RPing as cyborg? =O

Yep ; )

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