matkrenz's Justice League Dark #2 - In The Dark, Part Two: Dark Matter review

Milligan pulling duties for Hawk & Dove.

Review for Justice League Dark #2.

The Story: Zatanna escapes into a protective shield, John is trying to find Zatanna and we see Boston and Dawns relationship and how it works.

The Good: In this issue we get a very good twist to the team forming arc, it seems that Madame Xanadu is influencing Enchantress to be more crazy in order to create the team and to fight whatever will destroy the world. Also Milligan seems to know what makes for compelling situations for stories because he is doing in this issue what Sterling Gates should be doing in Hawk & Dove, wich is the fact that if Boston and Dove want to have an actual relationship Boston will have to take over other men (or women in this one hilarious bit) and it does cause trouble. We also get some John in here and we get to know him a little, it seems that he is ready to be beaten to a pulp in order to perform a spell, he is a dedicated magician and the art on the panel with him performing the spell is my favorite panel of the issue. The art continues to be dark and moody that fits very well with the tone of the book.

The Bad: The cover is so very misleading. Also it is filler but as all the positive reviews have been saying it is still entertaining.

The Verdict: This issue might have slowed down a little but we do get to explore the Dove & Boston relationship in a logical that isn't being done in Hawk & Dove. This is a buy.

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Posted by Silkcuts

Glad we more or less agreed on this comic

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